Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Wedding Colors and Themes

Today's article continues our focus on fall weddings. In this article we touch upon adding brilliant and rich colors fall to enhance your fall wedding. If you are planning a wedding during the fall months, you might want to add some of the fall season's natural colors.

First thing you might want to do is to look to nature. A fallen leaf can be an inspiration - burnt oranges, buttery gold and yello-greens are just some of the beautiful natural colors that would be appealing for a color palette for your fall wedding. Other colors include fiery reds and browns.

It is also possible to combine contrast colors to your natural fall colors, such as brilliant blues, or sky blues to fall browns.

Here are some selections of colors you can use for your fall wedding

Fall Wedding Colors Inspiration

Fall wedding invitations should match your chosen colors.
Consider using graphic elements such as leaves and acorns.

Beautiful Fall Flowers

Beautiful flowers of fall that comes in such colors as crimson, yellow, purple and mauve - colors that could be combined for a warm wedding palette.

Terra Cotta Wedding Favor Boxes

Terra cotta is another beautiful color from autumn's palette.
Combine it with yellows, copper and ivory.

Fall Wedding Red Bridesmaids Dresses

Fall Wedding Burnt Orange Bridesmaids Dresses

Deep red and oranges, colors of the season, adds a romantic tone.

Baby Blue Fall Wedding Dress

Blue is also highly fashionable for fall weddings today.
Deep shades such as navy, cobalt, blue-black
and sapphire are wonderful for fall.

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